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Relying on the advantage of our production technology, scale, brand, quality, channel, capital and talent, IMP & EXP will fully use the international trade platform, looks for business opportunities and actively seeks trade cooperation.

  • Plenty of ICAMA Certifications. We already own 84 agrochemical ICAMA Certifications, 20 for TC productions and 64 for chemical preparations.
  • All kinds of GLP documents. We have complete GLP data for pesticide international registration. Right now, we have GLP data for 23 kinds of pesticides.
  • Strong support from registration. We will fully consider the quantity of pesticide registration we authorized overseas customrs and the regional competition  in order to ensure customer's profits and interests.
  •  Powerful financial support. By the support of Wynca Group, we have a solid financial strength, if necessary we could provide up to 180 days after B/L date to customer.
  • Wide scope of business. In addition to Wynca-made products, we also offer sourcing service and distribution service, including all kinds of chemical products and daily necessities.
  • Humanistic care. IMP & EXP pays attention to our employees, provides them a good working and living condition. We are young team but with various  experiences in international trade. We could offer our clients perfect service in all aspects.

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