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Company Profile

Our company is seated along the beautiful QianTang River, which flows across the Hangzhou City , and we build a comprehensive international trading platform based on agricultural products. The company started by the year 2011, and wholly-owned by Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co., Ltd, known as Wynca Group, and we are responsible for the international trade business, selling agrochemical products, like herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc. Currently, our distribution network reaches more than 80 countries and regions all over the world. Right back in 2001 Wynca Group has already been a listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange, nominated as one of “the most valuable Chinese company listed on stock markets”, and one of the World’s Top 20 leading Agrochemical Sales Companies. And we have three agrochemical production bases, located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Ningxia.

Until now, we have 84 ICAMA Certifications for agrochemical products, 20 for TC productions and 64 for chemical preparation. At the same time, we have complete GLP documents for agrochemical international registration and we could offer better support for overseas clients in registration area since we have those GLP documents for 23 kinds of agrochemical products. And we will fully consider the number of pesticide registration authority allocated for regional customers and the competition between regional customers to ensure customer’s profits and interests.
Except from promoting our Wynca-made productions, we also offer sourcing service for our clients in many areas, like agrochemical products that we don’t produce, mineral products, electronic products, electronic and communication equipments, instrumentations, electrical equipments, metal materials, building materials, textiles, stationeries, hardware, daily necessities, etc.
Although we don’t have long history, but we have the best team full of professional, attentive and devoted members. Just because of their passion, their brave and their unremitting efforts, our company has the opportunity to expand our market and our business at this short time, and as results, our sales is growing faster and faster year by year.
A vast ocean for the sharks, a boundless sky for the eagles. Since we have many professional experiences in international trading, we could offer our client better services in many areas. And we have confidence we can be the top sourcing company and service provider in international trading by taking the advantage of production technology, scale, brand, quality, distribution channel, capital and human resource of our company. We promise to offer high quality of sourcing service for domestic and overseas buyers by using all effective resources and broad international trading platform, and expand the scale of our company reasonably.
We will keep our mission that customer is first by presenting satisfactory products and best service, with domestic and foreign colleagues. We will go hand in hand and finally create our own brilliance.

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